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Casa Gaia Sorrento BIO is BIOB&B certificate in accordance with the environmental quality Geo-Bio®



The history of a magical place

Sorrento Bio B&B, located in the amphitheater hills of Sorrento, contains within its walls a long history of emotions and simple life that can still be felt today through the genius loci. The energetic elements that characterize the spirit of the place can be seen immediately with the feeling of well-being that is not random, but has already been chosen by the ancient builders, probably skilled dowsers that in ancient times had identified this site for the construction of the “duty station” between Sorrento and Massa Lubrense. To analyze the place they match the criteria of Feng-Shui shows an idyllic situation. We know that the ideal place to build is the central point of a natural amphitheater formed by hills or mountains, where a watercourse joints with breasts and loops.

The villa is right in this situation, surrounded by soft hills profiles. In order to be well positioned, or in tune with the current energy environment construction (and in this case Casa Gaia) should stand with a hill to the east representing the Dragon (peak Monte Sant’Angelo and the band) and the West in the role of the Tiger (hill of St. Agatha). To the north, in the role of the Turtle / Warrior would have the great mountains with forests (Vesuvius) and to the south a small depression (depression before the forest). In fact, the Dragon is considered by Feng-Shui the largest existing vital energy, symbol of wisdom, life and prosperity. A small wood (exactly one in front of the house) is considered his eyebrow, the canals that wind through the mountains through his veins, the natural extensions of the mountain his paws and his head, a small source of water (which is the greatest blessing for a building and we have a well in the garden!) under the Dragon’s head is his saliva, a guarantee of wealth and health. The Feng-Shui teaches precisely how to retrieve energy, health, wealth, but if there is a specific desire to get in tune with it does not arrive, and it is thanks to our will and our loving care, in addition to favorable natural conditions that in our house the Ch’i (energy, vital breath) flowing through and permeating its beneficial flow. It is said that the current pedestrian entrance was the “sentry box” of “duty” which the travelers had to switch from Sorrento to Sant’Agata through the path of the “Circum piso”. The rooms of the house all have an entrance from the patio or the garden as well as the internal one. This allows for total privacy and a better management of space and time also to the partner. The road that comes down to us is for the exclusive use of the inhabitants of the few surrounding villas, for which, despite being very close to the main road (where it comes from no connections with bus, from Sorrento, Nerano, Positano, Amalfi) the condition of silence and relaxation of the your stay is assured. The house is certified in accordance with the environmental quality geo-bio®, or addition to the principles of bio-architecture, and healthy materials and furnishings, the whole site is rebalanced by natural and artificial electromagnetic fields as well as being harmonized with special water and crystals that make the revitalizing stay. The harmony and the energy of the place is immediately perceptible and visible even from plants and their fruits that can be enjoyed according to the seasons.



vista all'alba We are just minutes from Sant’Agata on the two bays, near Sorrento, Positano and Nerano. and half an hour from Pompei..


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DSC_1713-300x199 The rooms of the house all have an entrance from the patio or the garden as well as the internal one.